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Cowgirl sex positions

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Different sex positions can be a fun, low-risk way to spice up your sex life… connect better with your partner… and otherwise enjoy sex a whole lot more. Not to mention that by trying new sex positions, you'll gain a level of sexual confidence and mastery. Sex should be something you and your partner continually learn from and improve, in order to keep it fresh, exciting, and enjoyable. Or looking for different sex positions to drive her wild…. In this article, I'm going to walk you through the best different sex positions for:.

12 Sex Positions for When Your Partner's on Top

Reverse cowgirl - Reverse cowgirl sex position tips

Whether you've been reading up on sex tips and are looking to gain some extra knowledge, or are simply looking to spice things up a little, you're in the right place. Enter stage right your complete guide to one of the best sex positions in the history of, well, sex positions: the Cowgirl. This one is loved universally for its ability to mutually satisfy and give you the power to take control. Never tried it or feel slightly intimidated by the notion? WH spoke to the sexperts to get the low down on exactly how to do the move, why it's one of the best sex positions and how to take your enjoyment to the next level. Note: while this refers to sex between a woman or a person with a vagina, and a man or a person with a penis, there is obviously no reason why any gender pairing, with the right accessories, can't have a great time with this one. Kneel on top of them, using your hands to gently or roughly, if you're feeling a bit 50 Shades push off their chest and slide up and down their thighs.

The Best Sex Positions for Women

Sex is supposed to be fun, hot, and enjoyable for all parties involved. Yet there are times when we all want to crawl into a hole and die due to a sex position that may seem very appealing to the person we're sleeping with, but we are most definitely not into. There have been countless times when I've been in bed with someone and thought to myself, Dear god. When will this be over? There is nothing I hate more than this position.
Cowgirl, or woman-on-top, is a favorite sex position for many men, but even a tried-and-true favorite can feel stale after a while. Enter, reverse cowgirl: a sexy twist literally on your go-to position. Not only does reverse cowgirl give you a beautiful view of your partner's booty as they ride you, but you also get a close-up of you penetrating your partner—something we've totally been conditioned to find attractive thanks to porn. Also thanks to porn, cowgirl seems like a simple, straightforward position to pull off. In reality, it takes a little practice and concentration from both partners to get it just right.

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