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Bottoming out breast

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Symptoms will include a lower breast crease. What's more, the nipple and areola complex may tilt upward as the breast implant heads south. Also, any inframammary scars from your breast augmentation may travel up the lower breast mound. You may be at risk for bottoming out if there was an over-dissection of the implant pocket s during your surgery.

Bottoming out…in breast augmentation

The Basics of Bottoming Out After a Breast Augmentation — Recovering from Surgery

Bottoming out is an unaesthetic condition which affects some breast implant recipients due to a variety of possible reasons. Surgical correction of this condition is the only effective treatment strategy. This article explains sunken breast implants, including what causes this occurrence and how to fix it. Symptoms of a bottomed out condition include the sinking of the implant down the chest wall, an unusually high nipple position on the breast mound and a deterioration of the natural inframammary crease. The appearance of the breast will be strange and unnatural, with the nipple in the upper quadrant of the breast.

Bottoming Out

In some cases, the patients say that the implants looked perfect on the initial post-operative visit. That is a bad sign because typically, breast implants will ride high in the first few weeks postoperatively because of swelling and sometimes because of submuscular placement. Many factors contribute to the evaluation of the patient including the implant size, position of placement sub muscular, sub fascial or sub glandular , the degree of bottoming out, the quality of the breast tissue, and skin thickness. The repair can include sutures, mesh, acellular dermal matrix, transcutaneous sutures, and fat grafting.
Many patients are familiar with the term but have no idea what it implies. A bottomed out implant will appear to be sitting below your natural breast fold. It looks like the implants dropped below your real breast. If you look from the front, your nipple appears to be too high on your breast. If looked from the side, the nipple appears to be pointing skyward due to the increased distance between it and the breast fold.

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